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‘Skilling Up: The Scope of Modern Apprenticeship’ – New Report

Ervin Dimeny, Deborah Williamson, Lisa Yates, David Hinson | November 19, 2019 | The apprenticeship movement is reshaping skills, policies, and programs in the United States at a critical moment in our country’s history. This reader offers a chorus of voices emanating from different countries and populations, echoing commitment to bright, sustainable workforce futures throughContinue Reading »

‘Tech Savvy Students Raring to Go’ – Adelaide Advertiser

Digital technology moves fast, and young people need to be mentally agile to keep up with employer demands. St Patrick’s Technical College principal Danny Deptula says traditional industry is awakening to the value of trained employees with both tech and conventional skills and knowledge.   He says more employers are turning to vocational education toContinue Reading »