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@C4Wyndham & @SkillingAus to launch #Youth Job Program

  21 July 2016  |  Leader Newspapers  | The Western Skills Pipeline Project will tackle youth unemployment head on. It sees business and industry leaders in Melbourne’s west coming together with a new jobs initiative. Unemployment in Melbourne’s west is in some places nearly triple the nation’s average. The project will target youth between theContinue Reading »

Bridging a Pathway to Success #TheEducator

|  The Educator  |  July 2016  |  Article by Brett Henebery  | With the P-TECH model, educators are at the forefront but industry and community are very much involved as well. The school’s model is made up of five key components: an innovative curriculum; innovative approaches to learning’ industry mentoring and support; a post schoolContinue Reading »

Future Proofing Students #theEducator

How well are we future-proofing students? The Educator  |  5/7/16  | Reports have shown that within 10-15 years, nearly 40% of Australian jobs will be automated. This has prompted the Federal Government, schools and private industries to collaborate in a push to improve students’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and ensure they’reContinue Reading »